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Dishonorable Quote of the Day #1

“Well, I think this meeting's adjourned

- NC Senator Harry Brown, angrily, prompting Senate conferees to pick up their materials and walk out of the room.

Dishonorable Quote of the Day #2
I am disappointed that the Senate walked out on superintendents and teachers. We need to listen to them, not walk out on them

Governor Pat McCrory, in response to the Senate walkout. Recall that Gov. McCrory walked out on kids who tried to deliver petitions to him.

Dishonorable Quote of the Day #3
I’m disappointed by the governor’s threat to veto the largest teacher pay raise in state history

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, dressing up the typical playground response, "I know you are, but what am I?", knowing full well that his teacher pay raise comes with strings that inflict unacceptable pain on teachers and kick thousands of disabled and poor people off of Medicaid


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July 14, 2014: The Short Session

Tip o' the hat to BlueNC for assembling these quotes about the NCGA's "short" session:

"We're going to go in. We're going to have a short session. It's going to be focused. It's going to be disciplined. We're going to get in and out.,"
-- House Speaker Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, WRAL-TV 05/10/2014

“All indications point toward a session that will be short, with a continued focus on economic growth, job creation, and wise investments.”
-- Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation, 05/09/2014

“We will probably be more assertive than in our first year, which I frankly thought was extremely assertive. … “We had a heck of a good first year, but now I think we can take even more initiatives. … I anticipate that we’ll be together 80 to 90 percent of the time. “We’re having very good dialogue and, in almost all cases, good cooperation.”
-- Gov. Pat McCrory, Charlotte Observer, 05/10/2014

“Hopefully (Gov. McCrory) has learned that we have to work together to get things done. I don’t know if he’s there yet. Hopefully this session will tell us that.”
-- Senate Rules Committee Chair Tom Apodaca, R-Henderson, Charlotte Observer, 05/10/2014

As of today, taxpayers have paid $700,000 to keep the "short" session going
so that legislators can act like playgro
und bullies. 


Memorial Day 2014: Remember

Visit. Honor. Decorate. Meditate. Pray.



April 18, 2014: Sing Along With BackwardNC -- The Coal Ash Governor

With apologies to Loretta Lynn, we offer this "tribute" to the Deputy Assistant Guvnor of The Old Backward State, Pat "King of Coal Ash" McCrory.

Major props and big thanks to James at BlueNC for the album cover!

Coal Ash Governor
(Parody of Coal Miners Daughter, Loretta Lynn)

Well I was born future coal ash governor
In a house on a hill in Columbus Ohio
We did fine and we had love
I always dreamed of bein’ the gov
And shovel bull to make a politician's dollar

My daddy worked all night in City Council for years
All day long in the office as an engineer
Mommie ran the household fine
And ignored me when I started to whine
That I could be a guv if I had a puppeteer

Daddy loved and raised four kids on engineer's pay
Then he moved us to North Carolina one day
Went to Ragsdale High School
Class president, I’m so cool!
Knew I’d be coal ash governor someday

Wanted to be a teacher, but then through a fluke
I lucked into the management fast track at Duke
Good money and plenty of perks
And it really wasn’t much work
And I learned to love coal pollution more than nuke

Yeah I'm proud to be the coal ash governor
I remember well the time spent at Catawba
Never had to work hard
Criticism I disregard
I always knew I'd be the coal ash governor

But a lots of things have changed since the way back then
Duke polluted our rivers again and again
My ratings on the floor
Don’t like this job anymore
‘Cause now I’m known as the coal ash governor


March 29, 2014: It's the Jobs, Stupid

The NC GOP lie machine has been running full steam for the past couple of months, as the January and February jobs reports showed that The Old Backward State's unemployment rate was falling.

Unemployment is down. That's good news, right? Well, Prevaricating Pat McCrony and Tillisberger's army want you to think so.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate has dropped to 6.4%, first time it’s been lower than national average since March '06.   (@PatMcCroryNC March 28, 2014)

Just 2 years ago NC had the 5th worst unemployment in the US, now we are below the national average thanks to tough decisions. (@RepMikeHager March 28, 2014)

But even the slightest investigation into the numbers shows that the unemployment rate has dropped because the workforce has shrunk, with people giving up looking for jobs and dropping out.

And in fact, The Old Backward State is bleeding jobs. Big-time. We lost 7,000 jobs in January and 11,000 jobs in February -- the biggest job loss in the entire US, according to that liberal media stalwart The Wall Street Journal. Yes, while 33 states added jobs, North Carolina lost more jobs than any other state in the union.

As the WSJ says: North Carolina led the U.S. in job losses last month,
a sign of stress for a state scaling back its support for its jobless residents.

Meanwhile, the NC GOP is bragging. Yes, bragging about their job-killing policies. And Guvnor Pat is wasting tax dollars trying to "brand" the state. We've got news for you Pat: we're already branded as The Old Backward State, home of lying Republicans.

Here's yer brand, Guvnor Pat


February 26, 2014: Thommy One-Note

If NC House Speaker and US Senate hopeful Thom "ALEC Drone" Tillis ever held a press conference, we expect it would go like this:

Reporter: Speaker Tillis, what's your platform?
Thom: Kay Hagan supports Obamacare.

Reporter: OK, but what about other issues?
Thom: Kay Hagan said you could keep your doctor.

Reporter: We got that. What about the economy and jobs?
Thom: Kay Hagan said you could keep your health plan.

Reporter: OK, Thom, but what about Iran?
Thom: Kay Hagan supports Obamacare.

Reporter: Would you have supported the government shutdown?
Thom: Kay Hagan supports Obamacare.

Reporter: Do you have anything to say about Syria? Or China? Or anything at all about anything in the realm of foreign policy?
Thom: Kay Hagan voted for Obamacare.

Reporter: What is your position on the NSA's monitoring of phone calls and emails?
Thom: Kay Hagan said you could keep your health plan and your doctor.

Reporter: In North Carolina, you presided over job losses, an anti-gay constitutional amendment, a tax increase on the poor to fund tax cuts for the rich, environmental deregulation that resulted in one of the worst coal ash spills ever, the repeal of the Racial Justice Act, restrictions on women's rights, several laws that have been deemed unconstitutional by the courts and an inexorable backward march for a state that was once a leader in the South but now is among the worst states in the union by many measures. What do you have to say for yourself?
Thom: Kay Hagan supports Obamacare.

Reporter: Do you have any platform whatsoever? Why are you running?
Thom: Kay Hagan supports Obamacare.

Reporter: Can you possibly even begin a sentence with something other than "Kay Hagan"?
Thom: Sure! Senator Hagan supports Obamacare.

Thom "Empty Suit" Tillis is a puppet of the Koch brothers and ALEC


January 31, 2014: Ignorant Climate Change Denier is NC Environment Leader

As if it weren't bad enough that an anti-environment corporate profiteer is in charge of NC's Department of Environment and Natural Resources (see John Skvarla Hall of Shame entry), the vice-chairman of the NC House Environment committee is a misinformed, ignorant, close-minded, anti-science climate change denier.

Rep. Mike "Hey, it's cold today, so there is no global warming" Hager, confident in his moronic belief that climate change isn't real, tweeted this misleading graph (he obtained it from Skeptical Science, a blog run by a former cartoonist with no scientific credentials):

For those interested in real, complete data, NOAA provides a more realistic graph of the actual data (this graph is cited by NASA as climate change evidence; NASA notes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change observation that "Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal." Note that this graph includes the years since 1950 that Mikey's graph conveniently omits.

Undeterred and resolute in his ignorance, Mike "Don't confuse me with the facts" Hager followed up with this gem:

Once again, his misleading graph omits the last few decades that show an unprecedented spike in temperature and CO2 levels. Here's a more realistic graph of the same time period Mike cited his second time around (note the purple line):

Yes, this is the guy who leads policy making about the environment in North Carolina. He's anti-renewable energy and anti-science. He's misled, so he misleads others.

He aspires to be Speaker of the NC House, but he's not fit to be the House Environment committee vice-chairman. Heck, he's not fit to hold elected office. Not even dogcatcher.

Rep. Mike Hager, science ignoramus and climate change denier, is one of NC's chief environmental stewards


January 3, 2014:What a Difference a Year Makes!

As we celebrate a new year, with all the reflections and predictions, BackwardNC offers our own prediction for the next year and beyond. This isn't one of those "here's what might happen" sort of things; this is just documentation of what already was planned by the NC GOP with their tax increase.

(In the home of Ned & Cora Average (NC Average), in [insert your favorite county here] ).

April 2014

Ned: Hey, Cora, have you noticed? I'm takin' home 11 bucks more in my paycheck every week! Our boys [insert GOP state representatives/senators names here] are doin' OK by us!

Cora: Yes, Ned, and [insert GOP state representative/senator name here] came to the Church fish fry too! We're voting to re-elect those boys!

April 2015

Ned (filling out taxes): What the...?!?  For 17 years, we've gotten a tax refund! This year it says we owe more than $800! All of the deductions we used before are gone! GONE!

Cora: Well, that eats up your extra take-home pay, and then some. I also notice our electric bill is up, and we can hardly afford to go to a ball game or concert any more. I don't know why things are so expensive these days!

Ned: Just think how bad it would have been if I hadn't gotten that extra 11 bucks every week! I sure would like to know why I'm payin' more taxes, though.

Yes, folks, that's what the NC GOP counts on. You get extra take-home pay this year but you don't realize until you fill out your taxes next year that they took away the deductions and you owe more income tax. Meanwhile, they figure that you won't notice that you're paying more sales tax. And they figure most folks won't know that the only ones actually getting a genuine tax cut are the very wealthiest North Carolinians.

Sadly, in many cases, they might be right. They're not stupid (OK, quite a few of them are pretty darn stupid, but many of the leaders are politically astute and evil).

They planned this timing deliberately, and all year long they'll be telling you about the "tax cuts" they gave you. Just wait until it's time to settle up in April 2015.

Increasing taxes on the bottom 80% so that Art Pope (NC's owner) can get a tax cut

December 23, 2013:The NC GOP Christmas Album is here!

It’s a brand new special collection of NC GOP Christmas music, featuring members of the NC Hall of Shame! Yes, 49 songs on 73 CDs!
Just in time for Christmas gift-giving! The long-awaited collection of endearing nauseating holiday tunes has arrived!

NC GOP Christmas Carols

You’ll want to order yours today when you hear these wonderful tunes, starting with

Guvnor Pat and his administration

The Twelve Days of McChristmas

On the twelfth day of McChristmas
Pat McCrony sent to me:
Twelve abortion restrictions
Eleven voters griping
Ten boards a weeping
Nine wrecks advancing
Eight aides a bilking
Seven cronies skimming
Six oaths betraying
Five Cook-ies
Four falling turds
Three entrenched friends
Two hurtful snubs
and some garbage, verily.

Joy to the Wos

Joy to the Wos! Reward the dumb

NC receive yer Queen!
She’s not too smart, prepare for doom
And reckon with the right wing
And reckon with the right wing
And reckon, and reckon with the right wing

Tata, It’s Cold Outside

He really can't stay - Tata it's cold outside
He’s got to go away - Tata it's cold outside
The DOT’s been - Been hoping that you'd drop out
So very nice - I've seen your plans, they’re not very nice

The Little Dumber Boy (Ricky Diaz)

Bum, they called me, pa rum pa pum pum
A new Secretary, pa rum pa pum pum
The finest jobs she swings, pa rum pa pum pum
To pay me more, ka-ching! pa rum pa pum pum,
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
So the cronies win, pa rum pa pum pum
When we’re dumb

Some folks are so memorable, they have more than one song about them!

Ricky (Diaz) the Showman

Ricky the showman was an ordinary soul,
With a suit and tie and his own logo
And an eye for reading polls.

Ricky the showman knows all about pay to play,
He makes lots of dough but the voters know
How he got the job that day.

Deck the Halls (Skvar-la-la-la-la, Skvar-la-la)

Deck the halls with clowns in Raleigh
Skvar-la-la-la-la, Skvar-la-la
There’s no reason to be jolly
Skvar-la-la-la-la, Skvar-la-la
Gone is now our land protection

Skvar-la-la-la-la- la-la-la-la

Say hello to more pollution.
Skvar-la-la-la-la, Skvar-la-la

Here Comes Shanahan

Here comes Shanahan, here comes Shanahan
Right down Shanahan Lane
Conflict of interest, all his business
Not too strong on brains

Bells are ringing, Kieran is swinging
At the neighbor kids (right!)
Dang those conflicts and say a prayer
'Cause Shanahan leaves tonight

Silver and Gold (the Art Pope song)

Silver and gold
Silver and gold
Art Pope’s got bundles
Of silver and gold
How do you measure
It's worth?
Just by the number of
People he hurts.
Silver and gold
Silver and gold
Mean so much more
When we see
Silver and gold donations
For ev'ry candidate GOP

And who could forget the King of Idle, Lt. Dan “Stupid is as Stupid does” Forest, who inspires more than one tune?

Lt. Dan

Winter Blunderland (the Dan Forest song)

Hey right wing, are you list'nin?
In yer brain, thought’s desistin’
Your laws filled with spite
Are crappy tonight
Walkin' in Dan’s winter blunderland!

Gone away are the learned
Here today is a new turd
He hates Common Core
Let’s show him the door
Walkin' in Dan’s winter Blunderland!

Dan Forest is Comin’ to Town
(the Springsteen version seems to fit best)

You better watch out
Beware of the lies
You better have doubt
I'm telling you why
Dan Forest is coming to town

He's making a list,
It’s not too concise.
Gonna find out some answers precise.
Dan Forest is coming to town

He sees a Common Core conspiracy
He really is a flake
He knows what he hears on Fox News
So watch out for Dan the snake.

In honor of the inexorable backward march of our state, these songs are also available on 8-track tape! You won’t want to miss the tunes of

The NC Senate

Rucho the Red-Faced Senator

You know Berger and Schaffer
And Hager and Jackson,
Moffitt and Newton
And Forest and Pittman.
But do you recall
The most famous nutjob of all?

Rucho the red-faced senator
Had a very whiny prose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it blows

All of the other senators
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rucho
Join in any tax bill games

Grandma Got Run Over by a Randleman

Grandma got run over by a Randleman
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve.
She got shot by hunters using silencers,
Thanks to Shirley Randleman, we believe.

Shirley’d been drinking too much egg nog,
And we'd begged her not to show
Her really stupid legislation,
But she rammed it through the house, don’t you know.

Phillip Navidad

Phillip Navidad
Phillip Navidad

Phillip is his dad
Berger-o Junior & Phil is his dad.


I Saw Tommy (Tucker) Dissing Santa Claus

I saw Tommy dissing Santa Claus
Underneath the Capitol Dome last night.
He acted like a creep
Told Santa not to make a peep;
He said he’s the senator
And our silence we must keep.

Have Yourself a Jerry Tillman Christmas

Have yourself a Jerry Tillman Christmas
Let your fist be tight
From now on the war on ed will be outright.

Have yourself a Jerry Tillman Christmas
And if you are gay
From now on your rights are trampled every day.

O StanBingham

O Stan Bingham, O Stan Bingham,
How ugly are your stances!
You want to teach the Bible in school,

You want a guns for felons rule.
O Stan Bingham, O Stan Bingham,
How ugly are your stances!


Buck Newton ‘Round the Christmas Tree

Buck Newton ‘round the Christmas Tree
Of the bigots, Buck’s on top
Mistletoe hung where you can see
Gay couples, Buck will stop

Buck Newton ‘round the Christmas Tree
He’s the extremist right wing
Later he'll pass some anti-choice laws
And he'll do some rights bashing

A-Wesley (Meredith) Fideles (O Come all ye Unstable)

O come, all ye unstable, loony and certifiable!
O come ye, o come ye, to Jones Street House of Pain.
Come and behold him, gun nut and a bigot

O come, let us abhor him,
O come, let us abhor him,
O come, let us abhor him,
Wesley Meredith!

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Brent (Jackson)

You're a mean one, Mr. Brent.
You really are a heel.
You destroy our environment,
You're as charming as an eel,
Mr. Brent.
You're an Ag Gag senator, fracking poisons you conceal.

You're a monster, Mr. Brent.
Your heart's an empty hole.
You repealed all our protections.
You let garbage trucks leak liquid, Mr. Brent.
I wouldn't touch you with a
Thirty-nine and a half foot pole.

(I’m Gettin’) Neal Hunt for Christmas

I'm gettin' Neal Hunt for Christmas
And I know that Neal Hunt is bad

He tried to meddle in local elections
Somebody snitched on Neal
He took illegal campaign donations
Somebody snitched on Neal
He rammed through special interest legislation
He has acted like a thug
Stomps on rights with attitude so smug
Somebody snitched on Neal

I'm gettin' Neal Hunt for Christmas
Voters and citizens are mad
I'm getting Neal Hunt for Christmas
And I know that Neal Hunt is bad

Angels We Have Heard on Hise

Angels we have heard on Hise
Telling of hypocrisy,
And the voters in reply
Fearing for democracy.

War--rior, on women and gays (oh)!
War--rior, on the poor and gray (oh)!

Goolsby Yule

From Bald Head Island to Town of Canton
Somebody's gonna be really rantin’
Tonight, but he’s not so bright

He's gonna write a lotta crazy stuff
Calls people morons (hey Thom, that’s enough!)
So dig, Goolsby is a pig

(Simply Having a) Warren Daniel Christmastime

The loon is trite
The bigot’s up
He’s not so bright
But he plays rough

Simply having a Warren Daniel Christmastime
Simply having a Warren Daniel Christmastime

The war is on
No abortions here
Divorce your man?
Must wait two years

Simply having a Warren Daniel Christmastime
Simply having a Warren Daniel Christmastime

Have an Apodaca Christmas

Have an Apodaca Christmas
Legislation you will fear
I don't know if Tom will throw
A punch at Goodmon’s ear.

Have an Apodaca Christmas
And when you walk down the street
Watch your back, make sure you know
That Apodaca cheats.

(Chad) Barefoot Santa Claus

Barefoot Barefoot Santa Claus
Stomping on rights, he’s not too bright

Barefoot Barefoot Santa Claus
Happy in his right-wing delusions

Jingle Bell Brock

Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell Brock
Andrew swings
Out on the right wing
Snowin' and blowin'
Up bushels of lies
Plan the environment’s demise.

Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell Brock
Andrew’s slime is
Jingle bell crime
Shillin’ for frackin’
He just doesn’t care
‘Bout water or air

And who can forget the classic tunes that recall the loony tunes of

The NC House

Hark the Harry Warren Sings

Hark! the Harry Warren sings
Haughty state religion brings!
For his church, a bill he filed
God is in, and Harry smiled.
Nullify the nation’s law
First amendment? Ha ha ha!
With his poor excuse so lame
Harry found himself in shame.
Hark! the Harry Warren sings
Haughty state religion brings!

There’s No Race Like Thom’s for the Holidays

Oh, there’s no race like Thom’s for the holidays
Cause no matter how far right you may roam
When you want to see nutjobs who are really crazed,
For the Senate race, you can’t get Kay’s seat, Thom

Go Tell It On the Mike Stone

Go, tell it on the Mike Stone,
He wants to make elections unfair.
Go, tell it on the Mike Stone
Then he will shut you down.

While critics kept their watching
O'er Mike’s election rewrite,
Behold, when Mike heard critics
He trampled on their rights.

We Need a Little Skip Stam Right This Very Minute

All out in Raleigh
Make a decree before my spirit falls again
Civil rights he’s blocking
He may be rushing things, but he appalls again now

For we need a little Skip Stam
Right this very minute
Scandals in the state house
Man he is a bigot

Yes, we need a little Skip Stam
Right this very minute
Man he really has to scurry
But NC, dear, we're really worried

Jacqueline (MICHELLE Schaffer) Bells

  Trashing through Jim Crow

  In a gun-nut open day

  Stompin’ the folks we go

  Laughing all the way!

  Hell, no jobs bill bring

  Taking women’s rights

  What fun it is to chide and sting

  The hoi polloi tonight!


  Jacqueline bells, Jacqueline bells,

  Jacqueline hates the gays.

  Oh! what fun it is to ride

  In a one-horse open sleigh.

  Jacqueline bells, Jacqueline bells,

  Jacqueline gets her way

  Oh! what fun it is to chide

  The folks that provide her pay.

Michele Presnell (Noel, Noel/The First Noel)

The Worst Michele, the people did say
Was to Muslims who she will not allow to pray

Not allow to pray, wow she’s a creep!
Terrorists she says (Michele spreads it deep).
Michele Presnell, Michele Presnell,
Scorn on the queen of bigotry!


We Wish You a Larry Pittman

We wish you a Larry Pittman
We wish you a Larry Pittman
We wish you a Larry Pittman
He’s a crappy horse’s rear.
Bad tidings he brings
To you and your kin;
Bad tidings, he’s crazy
And a crappy horse’s rear!

It’s the Most Wonderful Timothy Moore

It's The Most Wonderful Timothy Moore
With laws that are smelling
And Timothy telling you "Stomp on the poor"
It's The Most Wonderful Timothy Moore
It's the crap -crappiest treason of all
With public trough feedings while poor people beatings
He has so much gall

It's the crap - crappiest treason of all


It Came Upon a Moffitt Clear

It came upon a Moffitt clear,

The stories that Tim Moffitt told,

With Timmy bending the truth til it breaks,

To line his pockets with gold.


Pay him the money, some bills to Tim

He’s Buncombe’s all-slimy king.

He will run your web site for pay,

To smear from the right wing.


Lewis Snow! Lewis Snow! Lewis Snow!

Oh the tax increase is frightful
But Dave says it’s so delightful
And since he thinks you don’t know
Lewis snow! Lewis snow! Lewis snow!

The wealthy tax rates he’s chopping
To the poor, the burden he’s swapping
He helps folks who have the dough,
Lewis snow! Lewis snow! Lewis snow!

Away in a Hager

Away in a Hager
Mike conned them, they said
The little Mike Hager
Sold land but misled.
The buyers In Lake Lure
Put down good faith pay
The little Mike Hager
Did really betray.

(Justin) Burr [blue] Christmas

We'll have a Burr Christmas without you
He’s not in his district, moved out (ooh!)
Decorations of scenes on the House Chamber walls
Show the environment that Justin wants to maul.

And the when those gun records are open
That's when Justin started to hopin’
He thinks it’s all right, to keep gun felon records out of sight
So we'll have a Burr, Burr, Burr, Burr Christmas.

The Cleveland Song (Wingnuts Boasting of Their Open Ire)

Wingnuts boasting of their open ire
Bad laws they will just impose
Party lines being sung by the liars
“No poverty here!” George Cleveland knows.

Everybody knows we need guns everywhere; though
George is really not too bright.
Greedy snots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

[Seriously, how do they sleep at night?]

Carling, Carling

Carling, carling now we go
Carl Ford is right-wing
Carling, carling to Jim Crow
Carl Ford is frightening.
State religion, bring it here
Constitution? Carl sneers.
Ding, dong, ding, dong
Crazy Carl right-wing.

And a Happy New Year too!

Auld Rayne Brown

Should contraception be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should all abortions be outlawed?
Yes, says auld Rayne Brown.

For auld Rayne Brown, my dear,
For auld Rayne Brown,
We'll cover up our nipples yet,
For auld Rayne Brown.

And we can’t forget our former legislators, academics, county election officials, US representative, Tillisberger’s police muscle and bigoted organization spokesperson!

Other Song Inspirations on NC’s Political Scene

Here We Come a-Watzining

Here we come a-Watzining destroy the leaves so green;
Here we come a-pandering, office of the Dean.
Land and trees not for you, thanks to Mary Watzin’s crew.
And she’ll diss you and sell them the Hofmann with cheer
And she’ll sell them the Hofmann with cheer

Hark! The Terrible Eggers Sing

Hark! the terrible Eggers sing
"Glory to the extreme right wing!"
Voter suppression they styled
Soon they found themselves reviled.
All the voters did uprise
Luke and Four were sure despised.
Board of elections did proclaim
Eggers boys are really lame!
Hark! the terrible Eggers sing
"Glory to the extreme right wing!"

LaRoque-in’ Around the Christmas Tree

You will get a nauseated feeling when you hear

Stephen’s scheming sleazy folly

Take the public’s money from Raleigh


LaRoque-in’ around the Christmas Tree
Lots of laws he disobeyed
Embezzlin’ tax money merrily
In a hypocritical way

I Saw T. Fitz (Come Sailing In)

I saw T. Fitz come sailing in
On bigotry, on bigotry;
I saw T. Fitz come sailing in
On bigotry she was storming.

White Christmas (Pete Brunstetter’s favorite)

Pete’s dreaming of a white Christmas
To protect Caucasians, you know
Where Pete can christen
Those men and women
To wed, gays can not you know.

Pete’s dreaming of a white Christmas
With every biased bill he writes
May your gays not marry, that’s right.
And may all
Your Christmases be white.

Allen the House Cop (Moral Mondays)

Allen the House Cop enforces laws
Arrests peaceful citizens just because.
Down to the jailhouse with handcuffs on
That’s what ya get for singin’ a song.

Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?
Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?
Allen the House cop, click, click, click
Put them in handcuffs, quick, quick, quick.

First comes the arrest of a little old lady
Oh, Glen Allen, isn’t that shady?
Give her a rap sheet and send her down the aisle,
Testify she scared you at her trial.

Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?
Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?
Allen the House cop, click, click, click
Put them in handcuffs, quick, quick, quick.

Renee Lied (Sleigh Ride)

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling,
Ring ting tingling too
Come on, we all know better
That Renee lied forever to you.
The ACA is humming
And Renee is bumming (“boo hoo!")
Come on, we all know better
That Renee lied forever to you.

Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap,
Let's go, Let's shut down the show,
But Renee needs her paycheck you know.
Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap,
It's grand, assault rifles not banned,
She’s leaving it out where it’s stolen
And now it’s in whose hands?

And finally, let’s here from the NC GOP themselves, with this encouraging tune available for download from NCTunes:

Do You Fear What I Fear? (GOP  lament)

Said the right wing to the citizens
Do you see what I see?
Future of our state citizens
Do you see what I see?
A scar, a scar
On our state a blight
With a jail for those with no rights
With a jail for those with no rights

Said the Tillisberger to McCrory
Do you fear what I fear?
Free and fair elections, McCrory
Do you fear what I fear?
A throng, a throng
Voting for the D’s
We must gerrymander and suppress these

We must gerrymander and suppress these

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December 14, 2013:The Music Continues -- the Art Pope Song

With apologies to Steve Martin, we offer this "tribute" to the puppetmaster of The Old Backward State, Art Pope.

Art Pope
(Parody of King Tut, Steve Martin)


Art Pope (Art Pope)
Now when he was a young man,
He never thought he'd see
His Daddy make a fortune, and give it to him free.

(Art Pope) Sellin’ lotsa junky
(Junky Pope) Got a lotta flunkies!

Born in Fayetteville,
Man he makes us ill (Art Pope).

(Art Pope) Now, if I'd known
He’d pay for legislation,
I'd taken all my money
And bought me a foundation. (Art Pope)

Buried in his money (Money Pope)
So rich it just ain’t funny!
Raised in Fuquay-Varina,
He sure is real mean-a (Art Pope)

(Pope, Pope) Doin’ things so vile, (Vile Pope, Pope)
The nut jobs love his style (boss Pope, Pope)
Legislative bile (fundin' Pope, Pope)
His tears are crocodile.

He gave his money for extremism.
Golden funding!
He's a puppetmaster.

He’s selling you!

Art Pope.

Now, when I sigh
At all the right-wing dopes,
Ain’t no mistake about it,
They’re all bought by Art Pope! (Art Pope)

He’s pulling quite a scam-y, (Art Pope)
Made our state a sham-y! (Art Pope)
Schooled in Chapel Hill, Givin’ us his swill,
He was born in Carolina, gave us Motorcycle Vagina,
Art Pope!


December 14, 2013:Hey, Ricky!

With apologies to Toni Basil, we offer this "tribute" to Aldona's incompetent, overpaid Communications Boy and certified McCRony, Ricky Diaz.

Hey Ricky!
(Parody of Hey Mickey, Toni Basil)

Oh Ricky
You're so lame
You're so lame
You glow with shame
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!

Oh Ricky
You're so dumb
You're so dumb
You’re such a bum
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky!

Oh Ricky
You're so bad
You're so bad
You’re such a cad
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!

Oh Ricky
You're so slow
You're so slow
You’re really low
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky!

Hey, Ricky!
You've been around all year
And that's a little long
You think that we should cheer
And I think you got it wrong
But can't you say bye-bye
So you can get a job Ricky

Cuz when you say you will
It always means you won't
We’re tired of your swill
Baby, crybaby, don't
Every night you still leave us all to groan Ricky

Oh Ricky, what a pity
You don't understand
You fake being so smart
But your head is in the sand
Oh Ricky, you're so shitty
Can't you understand
It's guys like you Ricky
Oh what you do Ricky, do Ricky
Don't even start Ricky!

Hey Ricky!
Now when you make up BS
Who's ever gonna know
Every time you prove just how
Dumb you are we know
It's something we can use
So don't say go Ricky

So c'mon and give it to us anyway you can
Anyway you wanna view it
You’re barely just a man
But please baby please, don't give us such a scam Ricky

Oh Ricky, what a pity
You don't understand
You take the state apart
When you desecrate our brand
Oh Ricky, you're a twitty
Can't you understand
It's guys like you Ricky
Oh what you do Ricky, do Ricky
Please just depart Ricky!

Oh Ricky
You do whine
You do whine
You toe the line
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!

Oh Ricky
Here's your sign
Here's your sign
You're so behind
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky!

Oh Ricky
You're so blind
You're so blind
You blow our minds
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!

Oh Ricky
It’s a crime
It’s a crime
You’re paid a dime
Hey Ricky! Hey! Hey!
Hey Ricky!

Hey Ricky! 85,000 NC taxpayers want their dollars back!


December 11, 2013:It's Pat!
It's the Guvnor Pat word cloud. No need to say anything more.


December 7, 2013: Bonner Bridge is Falling Down

and it's the Southern Environmental Law Center's fault, says DAG McCrory and his posse.
Let's be clear that this bridge failure is a very serious matter, and it's a very serious issue for residents and visitors of NC's Outer Banks.

Yet the NC GOP response to the discovery that the bridge is unsafe for travel is curious. They blamed the SELC, who has a long-running lawsuit against the state regarding a planned replacement bridge. They blamed the SELC loudly, immediately, and in perfect harmony with one another. Transportation Secretary Tony Tata took the lead, showing his Fox News commentator skills:

“These ivory tower elitists file these lawsuits from their air-conditioned offices in Chapel Hill. And they do so with their lattes and their contempt, and chuckle while the good people of the Outer Banks are fighting hard to scratch out a living here based on tourism and based on access.”

The Twitterverse lit up with at least half a dozen legislators, including the Tillisberger, tweeting the GOP talking point of blaming the SELC.

Berger, Tillis join call for to abandon frivolous lawsuit on Bonner Bridge -- --

The infamous John "Obama is a Muslim" Torbett even incoherently attempted to get a torch-bearing mob together (at least we think that's what he meant with this incoherent tweet):

Asking all my citizen minded friends in the NCGA and home to call for the end of SELC's Econ killing frivolous law suits. Folks first.

And apparently it's working.

The Southern Environmental Law Center has received “multiple threats” after state officials blamed the organization for the shutdown of the bridge, the group said in a letter to Gov. Pat McCrory on Friday.

Let's put aside for a moment the merits of the SELC's lawsuit and our opinions about who has the best plan for a replacement bridge, which everyone agrees is needed.

The SELC's lawsuit might or might not have delayed beginning construction of a replacement bridge, depending on who you believe. But regardless, the SELC's lawsuit did not cause the state of North Carolina to allow the current bridge to deteriorate to an unsafe state. The SELC didn't cause anyone to forgo preventative maintenance or repairs to the current bridge.

We're not conspiracy theorists, but it would be pretty easy for one to imagine a conspiratorial plot to "discover" problems with the bridge and use that as leverage to attack the SELC and pressure them to drop their lawsuit. It does seem a little strange that, in the initial waves of this crisis, one of the first things the public officials worried about was placing blame on SELC. And the anti-SELC messaging was immediate, aggressive and clearly coordinated.

My fair lady.

December 5, 2013: Tillis Tit for Tat

No, it's not about the nipple bill. Today, arrogant, thin-skinned hypocrite NC House Speaker Thom Tillis is whining because he's being attacked by PAC ads. This occurs after months of the US Senator he wants to unseat, Kay Hagan, being incessantly attacked by PAC ads
from Tom's buddy Karl Rove. Thom seemed OK with Kay being attacked by PAC ads, but he's indignant that he's being attacked by PAC ads. Some people are saying that Thom Tillis is a shithead.

Since Thom can't seem to comprehend how stupidly hypocritical his position is, we'll help:

Thom said:

The Senate Majority PAC, led by liberal Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has purchased $736,000 worth of television advertising in North Carolina to defend Obamacare and attack House Speaker Thom Tillis, the conservative candidate for US Senate.

“Harry Reid has come to North Carolina to defend Obamacare and attack me for opposing it,” Tillis said.  “North Carolina is ground zero in the effort to get rid of the liberal Reid majority that is keeping Obamacare in place and keeping our country on a path to fiscal disaster.”

BackwardNC notes:

The Crossroads PAC, led by right-wing idiot Karl Rove, has purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of television advertising in North Carolina to tell lies about Obamacare and attack Senator Kay Hagan, the incumbent who has more integrity in her little toe than the Republican candidates, including NC House Speaker Thom Tillis, who want to unseat her.

Karl Rove (shithead) has come to North Carolina to tell lies about Obamacare and attack Kay Hagan for supporting it,” BackwardNC said.  “North Carolina is ground zero in the effort to get rid of the extremist tea party kooks who are sabotaging Obamacare, shutting down the government and keeping our country on a path to fiscal disaster.”

Thom said:

As the leader of the conservative reform movement to overthrow Democrats in Raleigh in the 2010 elections, Tillis made the rejection of Obamacare his first order of business as Speaker of the House. Under Tillis’ leadership, North Carolina has refused Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and refused to build a state exchange to implement Obamacare in North Carolina.

“My campaign to beat Kay Hagan is the key to a new conservative majority that will repeal Obamacare and balance the budget,” Tillis said. “It is a badge of honor to be attacked by Harry Reid and I will work night and day to beat Kay Hagan and overthrow his majority in the U.S. Senate.

BackwardNC notes:

As the leader of the tea party nutjob scorched-earth movement to overthrow Democrats in Raleigh in the 2010 elections via unprecedented gerrymandering, Tillis made the rejection of Obamacare his first order of business as Speaker of the House. Under Tillis’ leadership, North Carolina has refused Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and refused to build a state exchange to implement Obamacare in North Carolina. The result of these extraordinarily stupid policy decisions is to deny healthcare to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, increase costs of health insurance for those who are able to avail themselves of the affordable care act, and send North Carolina tax dollars to states like Ohio and New Jersey, where their Republican governors have enough sense to accept federally funded Medicaid expansion.

“Tillis's ill-fated campaign to beat Kay Hagan is tilting at windmills and just might help increase the Democratic Senate majority that will support Obamacare and balance the budget,” BackwardNC said. “It is a badge of honor for Kay Hagan to be attacked by Karl Rove and she will work night and day to beat the eventual Republican nominee, who just might not be Tillis, and strengthen the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.”

Thom said:

Reid’s political action committee, the Senate Majority PAC, has purchased advertising in the Piedmont Triad, the Triangle, Charlotte, and in the Greenville-New Bern market. The $736,882 media buy represents Reid’s largest single political expenditure this year in a 2014 Senate contest.

BackwardNC notes:

Rove’s political action committee, the Crossroads PAC, has purchased advertising all over North Carolina. The hundreds of thousands spent on media represents another colossal waste of Rove’s political expenditures, as Kay Hagan will win by 9 points.

Some people are saying that Thom Tillis is a real shithead. Who's saying that? Well, we sure are. Thom Tillis is a disgrace.
The good news is that after next year's election, he'll be a political has-been and he will learn how the tea party treats people who can no longer do things for them.


December 2, 2013: Art Pope Re-Exposed

Today the NC NAACP and Democracy NC decided to re-expose Art Pope, the person who nearly single-handedly is destroying The Old
Backward State.

How can one man do such a thing? Well, it turns out that Art Pope is a very wealthy man, and he's essentially North Carolina's version of the Koch Brothers. Art Pope has a web of PACs and non-profits and foundations and sleazy lieutenants and he has a very large wad of money to fund all of them.

Art Pope gets his money from his company, Variety Wholesalers, inherited from Daddy. The company's retailers include Rose's and Maxway stores, which are bargain-basement stores that tend to have economically disadvantaged customers. Those customers give Art Pope their money, and Art Pope uses that money to screw those people royally by implementing right-wing extremist policies that deny them unemployment benefits, deny them healthcare, keep them in poverty and deny them the right to vote.

Did we mention that Guvnor Pat appointed Art Pope as the Budget Director of The Old Backward State? Did we mention that Guvnor Pat and the Tillisberger pretty much do Art Pope's bidding? (After all, Art Pope is the one with the money to keep them in office).

So NC NAACP and Democracy NC decided that those customers ought to know that Art Pope is royally screwing them, and they led two protests in Raleigh and Chapel Hill.

The photos and video that follow are from the Chapel Hill protest, where at least 60 people turned out to re-expose Art Pope.



The Singing Grannies sing it like it is -- FOLLOW ART POPE'S MONEY.

Art Pope deserves all the exposure he can get.

Art Pope is destroying our state.

Art Pope should resign his appointed position.

Art Pope should repent.

But we doubt that he will.



November 27, 2013: What is Guvnor Pat Hiding?

North Carolina's public records law states that public records belong to the people, and the people can ask for any public records (all of
which the public owns) at any time.

Several parties, including some media outlets, have done just that. They have asked Guvnor Pat and others in his administration for the public records which they own and are entitled to. Guvnor Pat and his administration have responded in many cases by outrageous delays in producing the records and even more outrageous fees that they charge the requesters to produce and deliver the public records.

Did we mention that North Carolina law says that "copies should be provided 'as promptly as possible' at 'free or at minimal cost'."? So it seems that Guvnor Pat and his McCronies are breaking the law. If you're wondering whether or not Guvnor Pat promised during his campaign to ensure transparent and accountable government, wonder no more: he (SURPRISE!) did. So that's another outright lie told by Prevaricating Pat.

Here's the thing: Guvnor Pat is always parading around the state telling us how proud he is of the work he's done, and the smart people he's hired, and the great things in store for The Old Backward State. You'd think that he would want to display the work of his administration for all to see.

But no, Guvnor Pat is trying to hide what he and his McCronies are doing.

What are you trying to hide, Guvnor Pat?

Oh, did we mention that the uncivil Civitas Institute, which is one of the many tentacles of Guvnor Pat's boss, Pope Art I, has made their own public records request? Not of the guvnor or any of his McCronies, but rather of a UNC professor who happens to be a liberal activist. Quite a few people think that Civitas is doing this to intimidate the professor.

So on one hand, Art Pope's uncivil Civitas Institute is demanding public records, apparently to suppress freedom of speech.
On the other hand, Art Pope's government is all but refusing to produce public records in response to legal, legitimate requests, and they're breaking the law when doing so.

That's the sort of chicanery that passes for government here in The Old Backward State.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/11/26/3410149/mccrory-staff-demanding-payment.html#storylink=cpy



November 23, 2013: Slip Sliding Away

Guvnor Pat's approval rating continues its steady decline.

Gov. Pat McCrory’s approval rating is still going down: 33 percent approve of the job he is doing, which is a drop from 36 percent in September and 46 percent in April. He still has strong support among Republicans, but only 29 percent of independent voters give him the thumbs-up.

We can't understand it. Just because Guvnor Pat:
  • took away hundreds of thousands of citizens' constitutional right to vote;
  • took away the right of adult women to choose their own medical procedures, after lying and saying he would not sign any abortion restriction law;
  • repealed the Racial Justice Act;
  • denied already-paid-for healthcare to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians;
  • took away unemployment benefits from nearly 200,000 people who are looking for jobs;
  • did absolutely NOTHING to create jobs for people who want and need them, but tried to take credit for hundreds of jobs created by his predecessor Bev Perdue;
  • raised taxes on middle class and working poor so that his puppetmaster Art Pope and other rich people can get a tax cut;
  • cut teachers' salaries to 48th in the nation and then insulted teachers;
  • cut community college funding then lied to say he increased it;
  • gutted the education budget then lied to say he increased it;
  • thought it was a good idea to let people take guns to schools, playgrounds, bars and restaurants that serve alcohol;
  • fired dozens of people from state regulatory commissions so he could pack them with his McCronies, thus slashing regulations that keep people safe and protect the environment;
  • met twice behind closed doors with rich white male fatcats who make substantial secret financial contributions to Guvnor Pat's shadow government club -- while still collecting his taxpayer-funded salary;
  • took thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a convicted racketeer;
  • appointed one of his puppetmaster Art Pope's right-hand men to the state ethics commission, thus making it the state unethical commission;
  • reclassified hundreds of state jobs as political appointments, thus causing a talent drain of highly qualified people leaving NC state government;
  • lied about NC's Medicaid program and covered up information that contradicted his lies, in an attempt to rationalize his gutting of the program;
  • lied about continuing federal funding of a state program during the government shutdown;
  • lied about meeting with Moral Monday protesters who are fed up with his policies;
  • lied and said he had an appointment to avoid protesters, while playing catch with one of his aides;
  • insulted protesters by offering them a plate of cookies;
  • belittled a 12-year-old activist who wanted to meet with him to discuss youth voting laws;
  • appointed incompetent McCronies to run several major state departments;
  • gave cushy $85K annual salary jobs to two 24-year-old McCronies with no qualifications for those jobs, then lied about the hiring process; and
  • decided it would be a good idea to honor prominent racist Jesse Helms;
Yeah, just because of a few little things such as these (that's a partial list; we were going to list all of Pat's foibles and lies but we received an alert that it would fill up the Internet) -- yes, just because of things such as these -- Pat's popularity plummets.

It just doesn't seem fair, does it? We blame the media and the liberal special interests (what's that? Pat already blamed them? Oh).

In every single poll since Pat became guvnor, his ratings are lower than the previous poll. His popularity continues its nosedive. And yet Pat doesn't change his behavior; instead, he just doubles down on the lies, blames everyone but himself and insists that he's doing a good job. Apparently the crystal-clear data that shows that Pat is NOT doing a good job just can't penetrate the bubble where he lives in Alternate Realityville.

We suppose that Pat's refusal to face reaility will make the reality of the voter smackdown more stunning to Pat when it happens.

November 22, 2013: This is What Incompetence Looks Like

Little Ricky Diaz, of Salarygate infamy, continues his unending string of blunders at NC DHHS, where he serves as Aldona's Communications
Boy. You remember Ricky: he's the 24-year-old Guvnor Pat campaign worker who is paid $85K to show up for a job he's thoroughly unqualified for.

No longer content to waste tax dollars on just his own incompetence, Little Ricky hired a staff of 20 people -- yes, that's TWENTY PEOPLE -- to do "marketing" and PR for NC DHHS. Granted, Aldona has made such a shambles of DHHS that someone would need to market the hell out of it to try to fool people into thinking that it's anything but the den of corruption and incompetence that it is. Nevertheless, even if it requires 20 people to polish this turd, that seems like a colossal waste of taxpayers' money. It seems like Little Ricky is just trying to build his own Little Empire.

In fact, Little Ricky now has his own brand, with his own logo  More on that in a moment.

Now, when you're as incompetent as Ricky is, you don't really want competent people working for you, because it makes you look bad. So Ricky didn't hire competent, experienced marketing and PR people to fill those 20 slots. Instead, he apparently hired a bunch of third-graders! At least that's what we conclude by looking at some of their work. Here's one of their first products:


And here are some more recent examples:

Sadly, Little Ricky can't even tweet a correctly oriented photo of his boss:

Ricky seems to be really proud of his work. We think he ought to take credit for it. It's all part of the Little Ricky Diaz brand!


Little Ricky Diaz and NC DHHS: This is what incompetence looks like!


November 20, 2013: Live from NC -- Vile Evil

It's notable from the headline that "live", "vile" and "evil" are anagrams, but they also describe Renee Ellmers, who continues to be vile and
evil -- live!

She constantly hammers the Affordable Care Act, scarcely talking about anything else, and certainly not constraining herself to the truth. Her Twitter account seldom addresses any other topic. From November 12 through November 19, she tweeted MORE THAN A DOZEN TIMES about the "Keep Your Health Plan" bill that she co-sponsored, urging everyone to support it and saying how great it was. In the midst of all this, of course, President Obama announced that people would be allowed to keep their health plans.

Then, as soon as "keep your health plan" was implemented in NC, Blue Cross Blue Shield announced that rates for the "kept" policies (that otherwise would be been replaced under the original ACA) would increase. This is not surprising, given that BCBS has almost no competition in NC because Guvnor Pat and the Tillisberger refused to set up a state exchange. Price increases should have been an entirely foreseeable (even obvious) consequence of keeping plans that weren't designed to be kept. But Renee and many others insisted that President Obama "keep his promise" and insisted that insurers be forced to continue all policies.

Then today, Renee Ellmers tweeted this:


RT : Kay Hagan's "fix" causes North Carolina premiums to skyrocket

Yes, seriously, she tweeted that. Her hatred of President Obama overwhelms any sense she might have once had. Renee Ellmers is vile and evil.

Let's review:

  1. Renee hates our black president so much that she's willing to have her own constituents suffer by not having health insurance.
  2. Renee sees an opening and jumps on board the riot mob to pass the "keep your health plan" act.
  3. Renee gets what she wants: people will be able to keep their health plans! But in NC, they'll cost more.
  4. Renee blames Kay Hagan for what Renee caused.

That takes some hubris. And a complete lack of ethics that allows one to tell outright lies, and be proud of it.

Renee Ellmers is vile, she's evil and she's LIVE! She's also a huge waste of protoplasm.


November 3, 2013: Turning Back the Clock

Today most of the rest of the United States joins right-wing nut job extremists in turning back the clock.


The difference is that most of us are turning our clocks back only one hour, rather than 100 years or more, like the Guvnor Pat & the Tillisberger do.



October 7, 2013: A Four-Year Tour

We can't control our compulsion to share parody songs. Today this one was running through our minds:

The Ballad of Pattigan's Island
(Parody of The Ballad of Gilligan's Island, George Wyle & Sherwood Shwartz)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of some messed up shit
That started from this Charlotte town
With Pat, who’s quite a twit.

The mayor was a flighty failing man,
The skipper, raving boor.
Jones Street went up for sale that day
For a four-year tour, a four-year tour.

The politics started getting rough,
The right wing paid a cost,
If not for suppression, gerrymander too
Election would be lost, election would be lost.

The shit hit the fan, the loons were stuck on their side of the aisle
With Pattigan 
The Skipper too, 
The millionaire 
And his boys, 
The loony czar 
The profiteer 
And Lt. Dan, 

Here on Pattigans Isle!


So this is the tale of the right-wing nuts,
They're here for a very short time,
They're here to make the worst of things,
It's a civic crime.

The first mate and the Popester too,
Are getting very stressed,
If you tell them they’re immoral,
They’ll put you under arrest.

These drones, pro-white, pro-voter card,
Not a single touch of pity,
Like Taliban dictators,
As primitive as can be.

So join us here each week my friends,
You’ll see Pat’s crooked smile,
And all the tragic cabaret,
Here on "Pattigan's Isle."


October 6, 2013: Mr. Trudeau Goes to North Carolina

Every day, more people realize that North Carolina has become The Old Backward State. Garry Trudeau nails it in today's Doonesbury.

338 regressive bills and counting!



See the Archives for previous months' commentary


March 2013: It's Time We Joined the Blogosphere

BackwardNC chronicles the state of North Carolina’s inexorable backward march.

BackwardNC expresses opinions. You’re free to agree with them or disagree with them. You’re free to be offended by them, but it’s unlikely that we’ll care. It’s a free country, and for now it’s still a free state of North Carolina (although BMT asserts that North Carolina is free to ignore federal laws, presumably including the US Constitutions’ Bill of Rights, and every time we turn around, BMT is trying to take away more of our freedoms, so you never know).

BackwardNC criticizes the people currently in charge of NC, who happen to be Republicans, but we aren’t advocates for Democrats, we aren’t partisan, we don’t think all Republicans are bad or all Democrats are good. But it so happens that the folks leading us inexorably backward all happen to be ultra-conservative Republican wing nuts. If they don’t like being called that, it’s too bad – we call ‘em like we see ‘em, and when they behave like extremist loons, they should expect people to take note of it. We hardly expect that pointing out their outrageous behavior will cause them to change their ways – it’s clearly too late for that – but we do expect that we can help mobilize all the North Carolinians who want to stop the state’s backslide. We The People still are in charge (although BMT’s gerrymandering and voter suppression make it ever more difficult to take back control of our state government, but we will; it’s just a matter of time).

BackwardNC is not a formal entity. BackwardNC expresses the opinions of private citizens of North Carolina. We decided we would join the blogosphere – you can too.



DUNN, N.C.  – Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform for a fair economy will deliver more than 1,000 petition signatures to U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers Thursday, demanding that the congresswoman call for an up-or-down House vote. The action comes as proponents of immigration reform highlight the issue in North Carolina and across the country as members of Congress prepare to head back to Washington, D.C. in less than two weeks.

“When we bring 11.5 million aspiring Americans out of the shadows and allow them to join the legal, regulated workforce, we will grow our economy, both across the country and in North Carolina,” said Wendy Jones, state organizer for Fair Share in North Carolina. “Employers who could otherwise game the system can no longer cheat their employees on wages and working conditions. Wages and benefits will go up – benefitting not just new Americans but all North Carolina workers. And that means more dollars pumped into the economy. Everyone’s boat rises – more consumer spending, more jobs, more money for things America needs.”

Fair Share is a grassroots field and advocacy group, working to provide every American with a fair shot, make sure everyone pays their fair share, and that everybody plays by the same set of rules.  Find out more at www.fairshareonline.org


BMT: Berger, McCrory & Tillis. Specifically NC State Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, NC Governor Pat McCrory and NC State House Speaker Thom Tillis. Berger & Tillis are long-time right-wing extremists; McCrory is a recent convert.

The Old Backward State: North Carolina (formerly known as The Old North State)

Right-wing, conservative, GOP, Republican: synonymous adjectives describing the crowd currently in charge of our state (BMT and their cronies).

Crazy, nutty, wing-nut, kook, loony, insane, extremist: more synonymous adjectives describing the crowd currently in charge of our state (BMT and their cronies).

Overhaul: synonym for "privatize", as in Guvnor Pat's plan to "overhaul" Medicaid and Sen. Berger's plan to "overhaul" education.

Reform: see "Overhaul"

Well-intentioned: synonym for "mean-spirited", as in King Thom's remark that Crazy Carl Ford's bill to establish a state religion was "well-intentioned, although unconstitutional".

Eliminate: synonym for "expand", as in Guvnor Pat's pledge to "eliminate" the Pay-to-Play culture and King Thom's promise to "eliminate" heavy-handed partisan politics that squelch the minority's rights.

The Devolution of a State: About BackwardNC   

BackwardNC is devoted to chronicling the state of North Carolina’s inexorable backward march, led by “BMT” (see Glossary above) and the conservative Republican army.

Here we chronicle the sad state of affairs of state government in North Carolina. Everything here is based on real events and real facts about the state of North Carolina – you can not make this stuff up!

BMT & the right-wing loons are leading NC backward – backward in time, backward in progress, backward in equal rights, backward in liberty, backward in economics, backward in education and just generally backward in every aspect and direction.

Perhaps by documenting this sad state of affairs, with a little humor injected, we can start tugging North Carolina back in the right direction and eventually return to forward progress. We hope you’ll join us.

Chronicling the state of North Carolina’s inexorable backward march

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