Chronicling the state of North Carolina’s inexorable backward march
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Dishonorable Quote of the Day

“North Carolina's jobless rate the lowest in 8 years

- NC Temporary Gov. Pat MCrory, leaving out the part about NC unemployment rate being chronically above US average,
and the little details about income plummeting & poverty climbing


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First Post

March 2013: It's Time We Joined the Blogosphere

BackwardNC chronicles the state of North Carolina’s inexorable backward march.

BackwardNC expresses opinions. You’re free to agree with them or disagree with them. You’re free to be offended by them, but it’s unlikely that we’ll care. It’s a free country, and for now it’s still a free state of North Carolina (although BMT asserts that North Carolina is free to ignore federal laws, presumably including the US Constitution's Bill of Rights, and every time we turn around, BMT is trying to take away more of our freedoms, so you never know).

BackwardNC criticizes the people currently in charge of NC, who happen to be Republicans, but we aren’t advocates for Democrats, we aren’t partisan, we don’t think all Republicans are bad or all Democrats are good. But it so happens that the folks leading us inexorably backward all happen to be ultra-conservative Republican wing nuts. If they don’t like being called that, it’s too bad – we call ‘em like we see ‘em, and when they behave like extremist loons, they should expect people to take note of it. We hardly expect that pointing out their outrageous behavior will cause them to change their ways – it’s clearly too late for that – but we do expect that we can help mobilize all the North Carolinians who want to stop the state’s backslide. We The People still are in charge (although BMT’s gerrymandering and voter suppression make it ever more difficult to take back control of our state government, but we will; it’s just a matter of time).

BackwardNC is not a formal entity. BackwardNC expresses the opinions of private citizens of North Carolina. We decided we would join the blogosphere – you can too.


BMT: Berger, McCrory & Tillis. Specifically NC State Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, NC Governor Pat McCrory and NC State House Speaker Thom Tillis. Berger & Tillis are long-time right-wing extremists; McCrory is a recent convert.

The Old Backward State: North Carolina (formerly known as The Old North State)

Right-wing, conservative, GOP, Republican: synonymous adjectives describing the crowd currently in charge of our state (BMT and their cronies).

Crazy, nutty, wing-nut, kook, loony, insane, extremist: more synonymous adjectives describing the crowd currently in charge of our state (BMT and their cronies).

Overhaul: synonym for "privatize", as in Guvnor Pat's plan to "overhaul" Medicaid and Sen. Berger's plan to "overhaul" education.

Reform: see "Overhaul"

Well-intentioned: synonym for "mean-spirited", as in King Thom's remark that Crazy Carl Ford's bill to establish a state religion was "well-intentioned, although unconstitutional".

Eliminate: synonym for "expand", as in Guvnor Pat's pledge to "eliminate" the Pay-to-Play culture and King Thom's promise to "eliminate" heavy-handed partisan politics that squelch the minority's rights.

The Devolution of a State: About BackwardNC   

BackwardNC is devoted to chronicling the state of North Carolina’s inexorable backward march, led by “BMT” (see Glossary above) and the conservative Republican army.

Here we chronicle the sad state of affairs of state government in North Carolina. Everything here is based on real events and real facts about the state of North Carolina – you can not make this stuff up!

BMT & the right-wing loons are leading NC backward – backward in time, backward in progress, backward in equal rights, backward in liberty, backward in economics, backward in education and just generally backward in every aspect and direction.

Perhaps by documenting this sad state of affairs, with a little humor injected, we can start tugging North Carolina back in the right direction and eventually return to forward progress. We hope you’ll join us.

Chronicling the state of North Carolina’s inexorable backward march

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